• Steven Holmes


    Steven became CEO of Highlight Games in January 2024 and has over 17 years of experience in the betting and gaming industry, particularly in virtual sports. Prior to joining Highlight, Steven was Chief Legal Officer at Inspired Entertainment Inc. and was integral to the legal and commercial efforts to internationalise both the virtual sports, mobile and machine businesses. Prior to the gaming industry, Steven spent 10 years in the commercial and legal departments of Siemens Communications and Nortel Networks where he gained a Masters in IT and Telecoms Law.


Our History

Highlight Games is a unique gaming content and product company that combines exclusively licensed sports video highlights to create immersive fixed odds betting and gaming opportunities.  Highlight launched the English Soccerbet in mid-2018 in Africa and its Serie A based virtual sport in Italy in February 2019. With Eurobet, Highlight Games has quickly sought to revolutionise the virtual sports market and by mid-2021 the business has launched with 95% of the Italian gaming market.  Additionally, Highlight has rolled out new products including English Soccerbet, Turkish Soccerbet, Greek Soccerbet and IIHF World Championship Ice Hockey in various territories around the world including UK, Greece, Turkey, Colombia, Mexico and the Philippines.

Worldwide Partners