Featuring players and teams from Europe’s top football leagues.

Bringing together great action, stars and drama from the world’s favourite game.

Usual betting markets available, including innovative betting options only seen in live sports betting like yellow/red cards and even the ability to offer in play betting.

Game payouts at levels requested by operators typically range from 85% to 90% making it an attractive earner for operators.

Take a look at the Soccerbet Press Release and also the Eurobet Press Release

English Game

Italian Game


Just like SOCCERBET, Highlight’s approach to basketball is to take iconic video action and combine them to create a unique, fast paced, gaming event…

Usual bet markets available… Playable 24/7 with flexible RTP levels in line with Operator requirements.

Game Demo Coming Soon

Ice Hockey

The best international action condensed into 60 seconds of high impact slams, slap shots and saves from one of sports fastest games.

Usual betting markets that players expect to play with the live game.

Game Demo Coming Soon