Featuring players and teams from Europe’s top football leagues, SOCCERBET combines unforgettable action, stars and commentary from the world’s favourite game.

SOCCERBET is available with usual betting markets, and also with additional innovative options like yellow/red cards.  This exclusive product also has the capability to offer in-play betting.

Games pay out, as requested by operators, typically in the range of 85% to 90%.

NBA Games

Highlight’s exclusive basketball products combine iconic archive video footage and commentary, resulting in unique, fast-paced gaming events.

NBA Last 60 and NBA Last 90 are available with usual bet markets and are playable 24/7 with flexible RTP levels in line with operator requirements.

Ice Hockey

The best international action condensed into 60 seconds of high impact slams, slap shots, and saves from one of the fastest sports in the world.


Highlight’s instant win games are played as you would a digital scratch card. Featuring real players, real teams, and real sports action; this is instant entertainment.