London, 23 April, 2020 – London-based video virtual sports specialist Highlight Games Limited today announces that it has entered into an agreement to supply its video virtual sports products to Coolbet’s online and mobile channels in all of their main markets.

As detailed in the agreement, Highlight Games’ NBA Last 60 and SOCCERBET products will become available to Coolbet’s online and mobile customers in all core markets with SOCCERBET available in English, Italian and Turkish versions.

‘Highlight Games is delighted to be partnering with Coolbet to bring new sports betting opportunities to its online and mobile customers,’ said Nick Gardiner, Co-CEO, Highlight Games.  ‘The beauty of Highlight Games’ products is that they enable players to enjoy the thrill of sports betting with no reliance on live sporting fixtures and events.  With millions of possible outcomes and hundreds of hours of archive video footage, there is always an opportunity to bet on exclusive highlights 24/7.’

Anders Karlsen, CEO of Coolbet added: ‘Coolbet is excited to be bringing Highlight Games’ exclusive products to its online and mobile channels. Video virtual sports combine the thrill of sports betting with the nostalgia of archive footage from sports’ most memorable games, and what better time to enjoy these premium products than now?  We look forward to partnering with Highlight Games to deliver SOCCERBET and NBA Last 60 to our online and mobile players soon.’